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Boca Raton

Great Foof

Posted: 399 days ago

I attended the Pet Expo Several weeks back and Wet Nose Pantry had a booth set up I talked to Chase about the food and ingredients I have a very picky beagle so he gave me a sample to bring home to try. I also purchased their cookies. Abby loved the sample it was chicken, it prompted me to place and order, so I ordered the chicken and the beef and I had asked Janet if I could have a sample of the salmon and the lamb for her to try since she has never had these proteins before she happily gave me a large portion of each. I have tried the salmon much to my surprise she gobbled it up. I love the fact of free delivery right to my door. The ingredients are very wholesome and healthy she loves eating it and I know she is getting quality food. Will order again for sure.

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